Sections below:    1. Dogs     2. Other animals     3. Humans


1. Dog Training & Behaviour

Private lessons

These sessions are an hour long and useful for a range of challenges including -

House training    Separation anxiety    Stealing food    Pulling on lead    Destruction

Barking    Aggression    Fear    Reactivity    Socialization    Performance dogs

Focus & attention    Re-homed & rescue dogs    Unexplained behaviour change

Vet & groomer cooperation      Older dogs & dementia

You can come to me or I can travel to you if you're local. Or we can arrange a Skype meeting if you're further afield. All dogs are individuals with their unique experiences so your dog and your family will be assessed thoughtfully. Bespoke solutions will be tailored to suit your particular circumstances. This approach is the reason for my clients' superior results. 

Puppy School

Puppies! I love puppies so much! The early months are crucial in baby dogs' emotional and psychological development so I help families get the details right from the start. I can help you from the first stages of planning, bringing puppy home, raising and training him. Commonly I teach puppy owners about -

Puppy planning    Choosing a puppy    Socialization    House Training    Chewing

Biting & nipping    Attention to name    Coming when called    First obedience skills

Walking on lead    Separation anxiety    Crate training    Car travel    Nutrition

Wearing harness & collar        Preparing for the vet and groomer

Most people take 1-2-1 puppy classes so I can visit them at home and they can come to me at the training venue too. Private lessons focus on particular areas of concern where you would like extra support and/or we can follow a curriculum that I believe will most benefit your pup and your family. You will feel more confident and have a happier dog. 

Group puppy class is called Bright Start because it is a wonderful way to begin your life together. Bright Start is for vaccinated puppies up to 6 months old. It's a small-group 6 week course with the opportunity to meet and greet other puppies and learn about dog development and obedience with like-minded dog owners. Our curriculum is informative and fun. Results include a willing happy puppy who enjoys listening to you and knows what to do when asked.

Field hire

Many people are looking for a safe private space to exercise and enjoy their dog. This can be for a variety of reasons including -

Lack of recall     Dog reactivity    Aggression    Fear    Owner confidence

You can hire my field to exercise your dog privately. You'll need to book an initial assessment to discuss the details and decide on suitability. After T&Cs are completed and vaccination certificates have been seen, you simply book through the website.

Growl School

Barking    lunging    growling     shrieking    pulling    - the most common behaviours people bring to me. These problems are dangerous at worst and embarrassing at best. If you and your dog are suffering from reactive behaviour please know that I understand how awful it is to live with. Many clients cry when they come to me with these difficulties because it's such a weight to bear. They're struggling to enjoy their dog because of the behaviour. They're upset by other people's opinions of them and their dog. They're scared of causing an injury or frightening someone. And the police may already be involved. It's very normal for people to want others to know their dog is wonderful, sweet and loving but the dog's behaviour is dreadful outside the home.

I recommend private training sessions. Book a block of 4 to commit to changing the issue, but you are likely to need multiple blocks to resolve the behaviour fully. Every case is different and I'll be able to advise you better when we've met and I get to know your dog. 

Typically we work at the training field 1-2-1 and bring your dog under control using methods that bring joy and confidence to you both. Then we introduce fake dogs (all my clients dogs believe in them) and learn new skills to replace the unwanted reaction. When your dog is really good with the fake dogs we work with my dogs, and then take the lessons into increasingly public places. 

If you've been to other trainers or behaviourists without success please try me. I've multiple stories of failed dogs coming to me as last-ditch attempts. They are now out-and-about, loving-life and making their owners proud.

For people on a more restricted budget, and for those who've advanced well through private sessions, I created Growl School group classes. These are 6 week courses set in a large outdoor area where your dog can feel safe and you don't need to feel embarrassed about your dog's problem. We work through the emotional aspect of your dog's unwanted behaviour then teach skills to manage situations better.

As a result of growl school (private or group) you and your dog will have greater confidence, a stronger relationship and more enjoyment of walks. Your dog will bark less, pull less and feel more settled and content.

Walking Together

This is a summer workshop specifically to improve your dog's loose lead walking. Created for dogs who pull on lead to teach small groups the skills of walking together without tightening the lead

Results include a looser lead, increased enjoyment of your dog and a happier dog


This is a summer workshop to teach your dog to come back when called. Many dogs have unreliable recalls and this workshop will give you the skills to teach him to come back quickly and joyfully.

Results include greater confidence in your dog's ability to return to you, increased freedom for your dog and reduced anxiety for you

Responsible Guardian Workshop

*More information to come*

2. Cats, rabbits, birds and other domestic species

Private lessons

I help families with all sorts of animal training and behaviour challenges including

Aggression    Litter training    Destructive behaviour    Self-mutilation

Fear    Separation anxiety    Grief & Loss    Chewing & biting

Unexplained behaviour change

Sessions are an hour long and held in your home. Unwanted behaviour can ruin enjoyment of your pet and be a big cause for concern for the whole family. I take the time to know you and your animals so that the solution I provide gives maximum results. 

Chicken training

*Information coming soon*

3. Classes for Humans