Travel Time

It’s great to see students in their natural habitat. I can help with problem behaviours in your home, advise on your particular circumstances, meet family who may be less mobile, and teach pups before they’re fully vaccinated.

But it will take time for to me to get to you - and that must be in the diary.

I will be travelling from Glossop so please calculate travel time from Glossop. Google maps is quite accurate and can be set to keep traffic in mind. Mottram Moor is always a nightmare at rush hour so if you live in the direction of Stalybridge, Hyde or Stockport - please book thoughtfully.


Currently the Travel Time options are

15 minutes (Local Travel) - £10

30 minutes (Further Afield) - £18

1 hour (Epic Journey) - £35

These can be selected as an “add-on” at the point of booking. You’ll see them above the calendar. If you’re not sure about Travel Times please send me an email at