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Joanne White - 27 June 2019

We first met Lucy a couple of weeks before we got our puppy Charlie. She gave us great advice on what things we should buy before he arrived. We then had sessions every couple of weeks and then every month till he was around 14 months. She always had an answer to every issue we had. Toilet training was a breeze and he never pulls on his lead. We attended the course on recall and after lots of practice eventually let him off the lead on the beach. We now have the confidence to carry on training but I know Lucy will be there if we need her.

Sharon Breeze - 26 June 2019

Fantastic knowledge of dog behaviour. Very useful tips given and when used proved to work. My little Rosie is much happier and calmer which makes me happy. Would recommend her all day

Kath Rigby - 29 June 2016

Thanks Lucy for all your help and advice with our 2 puppies, understanding their body language has been an enormous help and we will certainly be contacting you in the future if we have any more problems. 
We can't recommend you strongly enough to anyone struggling with their pets xx

Alan Francis - 17 December 2016

My Border Collie Jess has had two training sessions with Lucy. And not only has she enjoyed it but I have enjoyed it also. I've found Lucy to be very supportive in between sessions and her advice has been invaluable. I've also found the training to be intense and Lucy's attention to detail and her feedback is spot on. So much so, that training is now starting to pay dividends as Jess is starting to pay more attention to me rather than being distracted by other dogs in the vicinity. We're now both looking forward to our next training session with Lucy

Sharla Mazari - 22 October 2018

Very friendly & knowledgeable, Lucy turned our very anxious rescue into a fun loving dog and helped our over excited Puli to calm down and focus on us . Very happy with the outcome.
Thank you so much

Becky Boardman - 25 June 2019

We had our first home visit with Lucy a couple of months ago for our cocker Ralph, and can confidently say this was the best thing for us and our dog, by the end of the session our anxious dog who hated strangers was sitting on Lucy’s lap!

Lucy quickly identified where we were going wrong and gave us great techniques to get started with to improve Ralph’s behaviour and anxiousness out on walks and also in the house with strangers. We’ve seen a massive difference already! Ralph already looks to us for his treats in situations where he would normally completely ignore us and take on his fight mode. It’s like we have a completely different dog, and we’re becoming more confident as a family when dealing with him with all the tips we have!

We’ve had to take time out due to Ralph having an op but we’re super excited to visit the field for training sessions once he’s ready. We can not recommend Lucy enough, we’ve only had one session and she’s already helped us and Ralph so much!

Claire Lawrence - 17 December 2017

Fun, friendly and a professional positive approach. Building both Hunters and my confidence in passing scary animals. Thank you Lucy

Simon Frost - 24 July 2017

"Absolutely brilliant" we have 2 Morkies (brothers) so not an easy task.
Lucy has a superb understanding of what makes animals tick and through her help there's no doubt we will end up with two wonderful doggies.THANK SO MUCH FOR SAVING THE DAY.

Amanda Reynolds - 30 November 2016

The dedication and passion which Lucy has is amazing. She loves all animals like they are her own and has the knowledge too. Lucy deserves more than 5* as I know that she has helped many owners with their dogs when they feel they have tried everything. She is fantastic with puppy help, advise and training too and always makes the time to help people get the best from their pets

Mrinalini Owen - 29 November 2016

We have two Samoyeds, an older girl who loves learning new things and is a joy to work with, and a younger boy who is - in Lucy's words - although I can think of other words for him - exuberant. We got in touch with Lucy when walking him on the lead had become a painful and embarrassing experience as he pulled constantly and screamed with excitement during walks. Going past other dogs was the worst, as he would wrench my arm out of its socket trying to get to them and howl with frustration - naturally, people were a bit wary of this out of control-seeming dog. After just two sessions with Lucy however, he is a totally different dog - he actually chooses to focus on me rather than things that would have otherwise sent him into a screaming frenzy, corrects himself on walks when the leash goes tight, and actually listens to commands when we are out and about. Best of all, he has learnt the difference between a collar and a harness, in that collars are for loose-lead walking and harnesses are for pulling. This means that we can work him in harness without him losing his drive to pull, as well enjoy a relaxed walk when we want to.

Lucy has also taught us wonderful new things to do with our girl. We have been on a scentwork and tracking workshop with her, which was a lot of fun and excellent stimulation as it taught her how to "think with her nose". We do a bit of tracking out on walks now and she always comes home mentally exhausted and happy to sleep for hours!

Lucy also has a big field available to train in, which makes classes more suited to "real-world" situations, so you don't end up with a dog that is only brilliant and focused indoors but forgets its training out in the fresh air.

I would recommend Lucy highly, we are very lucky to have such an excellent behaviourist just minutes from us. Look forward to doing more sessions and workshops with you.

Nick Day - 4 March 2016

Lucy really is an expert. My wife and I could not believe how well our puppy responded to Lucy and her methods. We have followed her advice to help os sleep soundly through the night, put an end to "little accidents" in the house and improve recall and walking on the lead. Lucy is a warm and genuine person. We'll certainly be working with Animal Behaviour Coach again

Jana Sparks - 5 November 2017

We have had a very positive experience with Lucy and her dog Moby. Our staffie Bella is very anxious around other dogs but Lucy has helped both her and ourselves with some exercises for distracting Bella and helping her make good choices to focus on us when other dogs are in the area.

Lucy keeps things as simple as possible so as to ensure that both we and Bella can succeed and have a positive outcome to the exercises.

We have all learnt a lot from the sessions with her and she does a great job of explaining what is happening in simple easy to understand language and she explains what she notices in Bella and has helped us to know what to look for in the early signs and be able to keep Bella in a more calm and positive manner.

We would highly recommend Lucy to anyone we have had a 5 star experience.

Emily Dey - 26 March 2019

Lucy has been amazing with me and my dog Olly. She is super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. The first time i met Lucy i was so anxious, this was going to be my last attempt at trying “fix” Ollys behaviour, but mostly because Olly is not a fan of strangers or new situations but, its been nearly 2 years now and we still have weekly sessions, every session is different and always fun! Lucy has had Olly doing so many things for the first time in his life at nearly 8 years old! Running free off lead being one, and jusy seeing the joy on his little face is the best! He used to get so stressed at absolutely everything in life and just being shown how i can help him calm down in those situations has been life changing! But most importantly Olly trusts and loves Lucy, he gets so excited when we pull up next to the field (this might be for the tennis balls though haha) I genuinely cant recommend Lucy enough!!

Kookie Down aged 3

I’ve lived with my humans, and my sickeningly well behaved doggy brother for my whole life and in that time I have had more dog trainers then trips to the vet and believe me there have been lots of those! I wasn’t the best behaved dog in the world, I was pretty good when I was indoors especially if there were treats involved but out of that front door in the big wide world, well that was a different story! I really couldn’t understand why or how to walk nicely on a lead and coming back when I was called wasn’t too high on my list of priorities either. I was out having fun and that was what was important to me! 

My mum had tried everything with me, from puppy classes, to agility, and then the icing on the cake was full on gun dog training! Now don’t get me wrong it was all real fun but the problem was it didn’t really teach me how to behave in the real world.

Then we moved to this really amazing place with lots of fun places to explore but I was so naughty on and off the lead we never really went anywhere. That was until my mum decided to call in expert help and that is how I met Lucy.

Lucy is different I think she might be a doggy, like me, but she cleverly disguises herself as a human for her job, can you believe she can even talk to birds! She has helped me to teach my humans so many things about me and the way I think that it really has made our lives as a human and dog family better. The best thing about Lucy is she never blamed me, the dog, instead she really helped my mum to understand me and to realise that sometimes her way of life for me is actually really, really boring! For the first time in my life I feel like my humans have been trained and now understand that I will reward them with good behaviour if they communicate properly with me and teach me to communicate with them on a better level. It’s so good I can’t remember the last time I got shouted at, well….except when I stole a sausage roll of the plate on Christmas day but it really was worth it!

So I just want to say thank you to Lucy and thank you to my humans for helping to make my doggy life so much more enjoyable! I can’t wait to have some more sessions with you this year.

Love from Kookie

Clare and Ian Baguley

From the very first appointment with Lucy we knew she had the sensible but compassionate dog centred approach we were looking for. Buster, our 11 year old rescue cairn terrier, was having trouble walking on the lead without barking and reacting to anything that was small or big that moved quickly or noisily! We love him dearly but all we needed help! What we like most about the way Lucy works is that she looks at the whole system. She helped us understand what we were doing that could be counterproductive and gave us really practical suggestions. She has great skills and is really knowledgable. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a bit a extra help with their best pal in the world!

Satu Slater

We had Lucy to help us with Amber, our adorable but naughty chocolate Labrador adolescent (13 months) dog. Lucy turned the traditional dog training on its head, totally. Amber is encouraged to make choices and those choices depend on us and what we want her choices to be. We have had eight sessions and have booked some more, simply because Amber enjoys them, we enjoy them so tremendously and we want Amber to behave impeccably in the future, in ALL circumstances. As to our life, it has become so much easier with Lucy's patient guidance and a dog ownership is now an utter pleasure and source of pride because of our well behaved pooch, thanks to LUCY! Do book your sessions since Lucy is getting extremely busy; our next one is mid November. Thank you Lucy

Vicky Lawton

The first time Lucy met Nelson, my husband had been in for only 10mins, the window cleaner was doing his job and someone new was in the house, needless to say my dog was all over the place and stressed out, but by the end of the hour Nelson was happy to give Lucy one of his toys and he was pleased to see her when she came for a second visit (much to my surprise). It has been very educational and I am looking forward to putting the techniques into practice.

 Kerry Tibenham

Red on a loose lead.gif

I came to Lucy with my 11 month old pup who pulled too much on the lead. Lucy is extremely knowledgable and understands each animals individual needs. We worked alongside another couple but Lucy tailor made the techniques the each dog and allowed us time to work with the new techniques learnt. I would recommend The Animal Behaviourist to anyone looking for a gentler way to train your animal because she works a lot with choices instead of more traditional methods of forcing the animal to do what you want. We've been working on the exercises learnt and I can already see a marked improving on our walks. Thank you Lucy.

Laura Brothers

After adopting a 12 month old collie/german-shepherd a few months back, we had our hands full! Our dog was showing signs of aggression to both people and other dogs (or pretty much anything that moved!), wanting to play fight and biting our hands, she was pulling really hard on her lead when going for walks, and chewing absolutely everything! Lucy, the Animal Behaviour Coach came to our house to meet Teddy and watch her at home with us and immediately picked up on several of her behaviours. Straight away she gave us tips on how to manage these behaviours until we could begin our training sessions. In just a handful of sessions with Lucy, she is now no longer pulling us over when we walk and occasionally she's walking with a lose lead! It's very much still a work in progress but Lucy has explained her approach to teaching us and Teddy, and we are really happy with the really fast progress we've made with this so far! We are teaching Teddy to want to walk at our side, and when she's able to achieve this, she really enjoys her walks! We also established with Lucy that the chewing was due to anxiety and with her help, Teddy is no longer destroying everything in sight! Our biggest problem of aggression is something that we were really worried about. We had a training session this morning with Lucy and we were all so surprised and pleased with how well Teddy has come along in the past few weeks. She still likes to growl a little when she see's other dogs, but she's beginning to learn that people and dogs are nothing to be afraid of! In comparison to just a few weeks ago, Teddy would have barked, growled, lunged, jumped, and done anything possible to get closer. I honestly couldn't recommend Lucy highly enough to anyone who has an animal. Her approaches are exactly what I was looking for; she is able to help us to train Teddy using positive reinforcements and it's working so well for us! We really couldn't be happier with our results so far. Teddy always looks forward to her training sessions, and so do we! Truly happy owners with a very happy dog!

Kate Kent

Can highly recommend Lucy Bennett animal behaviourist, she's brilliant at teaching you what your dog is actually doing (as opposed to what you think he's doing) and puts a whole different spin on the relationship. I didn't think there was anything wrong with my relationship with my dogs before but now it's improved no end and unwanted behaviour is much less than it was. No hesitation in recommending her.

Clare Knight

Lucy at Animal Behaviour Coach helped me with my ducklings and has transformed them from being terrified of everyone and everything to ducks that actively seek our interaction, quack away happily when they see us and allow us to pick them up to put them away at night without any trouble. Lucy's knowledge and expertise is phenomenal across such a wide range of animals. It's so lovely to have happy confident ducks and it's all thanks to Animal Behaviour Coach. Can't recommend enough.

Amy North

Lucy is brilliant! Charlie and I felt so comfortable around her and she offers great help and tips - very highly recommend and look forward to seeing you soon, thanks so much xx

Lyndsey Dutton

So pleased we had Lucy today. She really opened my eyes as to what I was doing right and wrong. My staffie is already 18m but still has a few underlying issues. With her help, I'm confident we can get him to where I want him to be. Definitely recommend

Leah Brennan

I approached the Animal Behaviour Coach as my dog had become very difficult to walk (he was barking at most things). Lucy was very approachable, she listened to my/our problems. She wasn't judgemental, and I must admit that I found my dog barking at everything quite embarrassing. Each appointment was laid back, and Lucy helped me to understand my dog's behaviour and my own. She 'coached' us through the process, and it has been a very positive and rewarding experience. Not only have we tackled the barking but I feel that my dog is happier in general.

Jo Pay

Wonderful afternoon at the Learn Like An Animal workshop this afternoon. Practical hands on skills, interactive learning in a positive environment. Lucy shared lots of really helpful insights into how our animals learn and how we can be more considerate handlers and trainers. I would really recommend these workshops!

Wendy Halligan

Lucy came round to visit me as I am a first time kitten owner, she is so knowledgeable and her understanding of my kittens behaviour was amazing. She read her like a book! Would recommend Lucy to anyone.

Laura Bennett-Poynter

Roberta and Davina

Roberta and Davina

I found Lucy's help extremely valuable, I bought one Guinea Pig and I followed her advice and got a second one. They are both so happy now, I'm really glad that I followed the advice given. I also find Lucy has a wealth of knowledge which has helped me provide more enrichment and encourage my Guinea Pigs in their natural behaviour.

Jugroop Cunliffe

Lucy’s extensive knowledge in animal behavior/psychology is truly remarkable! Knowing her personally I constantly witness her natural ability to relate well with animals from all walks of life (dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, otters, mice, snakes, owls, chickens to name a few!) She provides immense dedication & care to help animals that encounter psychological/behavioral issues, allowing them all to behave more positively & lead a happier life.

With my recent addition to the family (my first ever puppy French Bulldog named ‘George’), Lucy helped me overcome the daunting process in finding a dog breed suitable for my lifestyle, in addition advice on after care in terms of training etc. There have been many times Lucy has come to my rescue! Such as explaining the importance of finding an accredited dog breeder to ensure the dog has the best start in life and much more. I realize now how lack of research into dog breeders may result in your new puppy to uncover hidden mental & physical health issues, which usually is discovered at later semesters in animal development.

To add, Lucy provided me the right tools & knowledge I needed to best train George. As a result George has quickly settled in well in my family despite only being 12 weeks old. I’m immensely grateful for Lucy’s support and would highly recommend her services to help tackle any pet woes or requiring advice on finding the right pet to suit any lifestyle.

Corinne Jakubowski

Lucy is an excellent trainer and I would highly recommend her.

New learner, a Bala Shark

New learner, a Bala Shark