There are currently 3 membership-levels that give students access to a variety of activities.

Membership works as a recurring monthly payment. You can cancel anytime but not to stop and restart eg for Christmas and holidays. Using this system I expect to be paid during holidays so you can’t cancel for a few weeks then start back again. These weeks off are reflected in my price. Becoming a member allows you to settle into the process of learning with your dog. And takes away the pressure, so we can work for long-term permanent results.

I'm successful when you don't need me anymore - I aim to fully fledge you. In the meantime, membership brings the most comfortable working situation, and the best value. 

Giant - £205

  • 8 private sessions per month

  • 12 field hires per year

  • 4 workshops per year

  • Exclusive access to members-only events

Standard - £105

  • 4 private sessions per month

  • 6 field hires per year

  • 2 workshops per year

  • Exclusive access to Members-only events

Miniature - £32

  • 1 private session per month

  • 2 field hires per year

  • Exclusive access to Members-only events

Please note: *There are 4 weeks of the year when I don't teach so during these times (Christmas and summer holidays) you won't be able to schedule sessions. *Sessions don't roll-over - if you miss using your monthly sessions they won't be available as "extra" on top of your new month's allowance. *Missing payment without prior agreement forfeits membership and benefits. In this scenario you would continue learning with me by paying lesson to lesson.

Sign up to monthly payments by clicking the subscription level above that suits you

Alternatively book a standalone session from the calendar here.