Follow Up Training

If you would like my close support and guidance you can see me everyday (Tuesday to Saturday) but most people choose weekly sessions. You can see me regularly or irregularly, book back-to-back sessions or have months in between. Together we will come up with a plan that suits your dog's progress best. Often sessions become increasingly spaced out with perhaps months in between as you use the skills in real life and come back to me for follow up. By booking sessions ahead of time you are more likely to keep up with your dog's homework. I like this because it improves your results.

In follow up sessions we assess what has been effective and what needs to be tweaked. Your pet's behaviour will adapt and change and your expectations are likely to change over time too. We will keep up with progress and fine tune methods for more improved results.


You can expect me to be open, understanding and honest. My teaching style is relaxed and fun. I have high expectations and care greatly about the work I do with pets and their families. If you want to work with me you can anticipate hard work and a giggle. Hugs and tissues available when needed. 

All bookings are paid and made on the website. I'm occasionally available on Facebook, Instagram and text message if you need a between-session chat. Otherwise email me at and I'll get back to you when possible.