IN PROGESS MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour. 2019-2020. Lincoln University

Dogs & The Law, Level 4 with Distinction. June 2018. Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training.

Animal Behaviour BSc (Hons) with Distinction. 2011-2014. Liverpool John Moores University

CAP 1 & 2. Clicker Trainer's Competency Assessment Programme. 2009. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire. 

Canine Psychology Levels 1 & 2. 2008-2010. Animal Care College

Continuous Professional Development 

Helping Dogs Thrive: Aging Dogs by Lori Stevens. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. January 2018

The Weekend with Kathy Sdao. Jo Lucy Events, September 2017

Introduction to Tellington T Touch by Glynis Stewart. Woof & Ready, June 2017

Platform Training by Kay Attwood.  PPG, June 2017

WOOF! 2017 Animal training and behaviour conference, February 2017

Growl Class - A workshop demo for reactive dogs by Dr Ian Dunbar. Udemy Inc, September 2016

First Aid and CPR for Dogs. Canine First Aid Workshops UK - Rachel Bean RVN , August 2016

Whys and Wherefores of Behavioural Data with Karen Wild. The Pet Professional Guild British Isles Webinar, June 2016

Two-day seminar with Ken Ramirez: Aggression; Games Trainers Play; Behaviour Chains; Husbandry Training; Recipe for Becoming a Top Trainer. Leeds. June 2016

Old dogs and new tricks? - Improving detection and management of canine cognitive dysfunction with Sarah Heath. The Webinar Vet, March 2016

ClickerExpo. Warwickshire, October 2015

Training for zoological animals. 2011. Nordens Arc, Sweden

Learning About Border Collies. 2011. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire

ClickerExpo 2011, Chicago

Behaviour Chains Workshop. 2010. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire

UKRCB Dangerous Dogs Act, is it working and education for parents. 2010

Play workshop. 2010. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire

Trainers Choice Workshop. 2010. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire

UKRCB Dominance Hierarchy & Structure. A look at pack interactions. 2009

Behaviour Instructors' Course. 2008. Derbyshire Canine Centre

Practical Ferreting. 2009. Honeybank The National Ferret School

Working Trials UD. 2008. Derbyshire Canine Centre

UKRCB Kellie Snider's CAT with demonstration day. 2008

Tracking and Nosework for Fun. 2008. Derbyshire Canine Centre

Introduction to Clicker Training Day. 2008. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire

Clicker Trainers Week for foundation and novice. 2008. Wagmore Barn, Gloucestershire