Getting to know you

All my work is based on your dog as a person, the role they fill in your household and your family situation. I take into account

  • Your expectations and concerns
  • Yours and your dog's previous education
  • Your dog's unique genetic makeup
  • Your dog's unique background & experience
  • Your dog's personality and preferences
  • How you would like to live together
  • Best welfare and well-being practices

Expectations & Limitations

The problem you bring to me may be more complicated than you first thought, or it may be simple and easy to solve. It might be that the issue can be completely resolved. Or a long-term management strategy may be more suitable. I will work out where you and your pet are up to and give you the best possible advice for your situation. 

The Session

You can see me in your home or come to me at the training venue in Glossop. Sessions are an hour long although it is possible to book them back-to-back if you're travelling a long distance or have a special requirement for extra time. 

All bookings are paid and made online. I recommend a membership to see me at regular intervals at an affordable price. At the beginning you might choose close support by seeing me every day, or a weekly interval might be appropriate. Intervals can be regular or irregular. Often sessions become increasingly spaced out with perhaps months in between as you use the skills in real life and come back to me for follow up. By booking sessions ahead of time you are more likely to keep up with your dog's homework. This improves results.


A vet referral isn't always necessary. I recommend you double check with your vet before coming to see me in case of an underlying medical issue. This is especially true for sudden behaviour changes, aggression and fear. 

Follow your vet's advice about vaccination and parasite control before bringing your dog into public places or to my training venue.